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Professional Pressure Washing Company & Exterior Cleaning Services in Auburndale, FL

Welcome to Vince’s Pressure Washing – your premier home exterior cleaning and restoration provider proudly serving Auburndale, FL, and surrounding areas. We specialize in safely and effectively pressure washing, soft washing, and rejuvenating the outside of homes using the latest techniques and eco-friendly solutions.

Our Services

Pressure Washing for All Exteriors

While pressure washing removes dirt through high-pressure water spray, the technique depends on the material. Our specialists are highly trained to safely power wash a wide variety of surfaces. This includes sidewalks, concrete, and wood constructions such as decks and fences, houses, roofs, windows, pavers, pool enclosures, pool decks, boats, RVs, and more.

We have diverse equipment and expertise to handle any power washing need. Whether cleaning mold, mildew, grease, or general dirt buildup, we deliver thorough results without risk of damage. Each project is customized to the item and goals.

With experience in countless applications, our team understands what approach and tools suit each surface. This ensures efficient, effective cleaning. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how our professional pressure-washing services can restore your exterior to its best state.

Soft Washing

Soft washing provides an alternative to power washing through the use of low water pressures and specialized cleaning solutions. This allows our technicians to clean a wide variety of exterior surfaces safely.

Areas we have experience soft washing include houses, roofs, driveways, sidewalks, fences, windows, and wooden structures. The tailored process removes mold, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants while protecting vulnerable materials.

Whether the goal is restoring aesthetic appeal or removing stubborn organic build-up, our soft wash services thoroughly clean without harsh methods. We have the expertise to determine the right chemicals and techniques for each material and job.

Why Pressure Wash?

Curb Appeal, Protection, Health

Homeowners choose power washing services for:

Curb Appeal – Restore the attractive appearance of your home’s exterior surfaces.

Prep Before Painting/Sealing – Clean siding, decks, and concrete before applying protective coatings.

Surface Protection – Prevent costly damage from mold, mildew, moss, and UV exposure.

Health – Remove allergens, bacteria, and irritants around your home’s exterior.

Add Value – A pristine, revitalized exterior commands top dollar if selling your home.

Safety – Clean slippery moss and algae from paths, walkways, and pool decks.

Regular power washing is key to both aesthetic and functional maintenance. Trust our experts for exceptional results.

Our Services

We offer specialized exterior cleaning solutions for all Auburndale homes. Services include:

Pressure Washing – Uses high water pressure applied by our professional equipment to deep clean surfaces and restore appearances. Especially effective for siding, painted/stained walls, bricks, concrete, and decks.

Soft Washing – Employs gentle water flow and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt while being safe for delicate surfaces. Great for roof cleaning.

Low PSI Options – For more sensitive exterior materials like wood or brick, we tailor our pressure and use more delicate techniques.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners – Many of our formulated detergents are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.

Let us match the optimal exterior cleaning method to your home’s unique surfaces. Contact Vince’s Pressure Washing today for exceptional results!

The Process

When you hire us for pressure or soft washing services, we follow a careful process:

Consultation – We assess the surfaces of your home to determine cleaning needs and recommend the best service options.

Preparation – Before washing, we protect any areas like windows, landscaping, and furniture.

Washing – Our technicians thoroughly clean the exterior with the appropriate wash method, pressure, and solutions.

Inspection – We scrutinize the entire exterior after cleaning to ensure complete restoration of appearance and function.

Cleanup – All equipment, materials, and supplies are removed and your property is left clean.

Our systematic approach delivers immaculate, beautiful results every time. Let us restore the sparkling look of your Auburndale home!

Specialized Services

In addition to general house washing, we offer focused cleaning services for specific areas:

Roof Cleaning – Use soft washing techniques to eliminate ugly roof stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, and fungus. Also, clean filthy shingles covered in dirt and debris. Restore your roof’s appearance and extend its lifespan.

Gutter Cleaning – Remove leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris clogging gutters with our powerful pressure washing equipment. Improve drainage and prevent deterioration with clean gutters.

Pool Deck Cleaning – Restore the bright, clean, slip-resistant surface of your pool deck using specialized eco-cleaners and low pressure. Make your deck look new again!

Patio and Walkway Cleaning – Remove stains, embedded dirt, mildew, and organic growth from concrete and paved areas around your home’s exterior.

Contact us to revitalize any problem area and get your home looking its best!

Working With Us

Licensed, Insured, Local Experts

When you choose Vince’s Pressure Washing, you get:

  • Fully licensed & insured for your protection
  • Locally owned & operated in Auburndale, FL
  • Friendly technicians who respect your home
  • Meticulous, systematic cleaning process
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Specialized in all exterior surfaces
  • Restorative cleaning for optimal aesthetics
  • And much more!

For exceptional power washing services from true experts, choose Sparkle.

Additional Support

We aim to make the pressure washing process easy and convenient:

Equipment – Our commercial-grade pressure washers allow us to tackle any cleaning job.

Supplies & Solutions – We use specialized eco-friendly cleaners designed for all exterior surfaces.

Warranties – All our work includes satisfaction guarantees. We stand behind every job 100%.

Insurance Claims – We work with insurance companies providing services related to claims and restoration.

Financing – We offer financing options allowing you to break exterior washing services into easy monthly payments.

Maintenance Plans – Schedule regular cleanings with our maintenance plans for lasting results.

Get every detail covered with our comprehensive washing services. Learn more and get a free quote!

Client Stories

See what Auburndale homeowners like you are saying:

“The house looks brand new again after pressure washing! Amazing difference.”

“I can’t believe the mold and gunk they were able to remove from my roof and siding.”

“Our deck looked dull and dirty until these guys pressure-washed it. Looks perfect now!”

“Not only does it look incredible, but I feel much better about my family’s health with a clean exterior.”

Let us restore the beauty and function of your home. Contact Vince’s Pressure Washing today!

Get A Quote

Ready to refresh the look of your home’s exterior? Get a free pressure-washing quote today!

Request a Quote Online or call us at (786) 562-4982. Provide details on the size of your home and areas needing washing.

Schedule a Walkthrough – We’ll come to assess your home’s washing needs and provide exact pricing.

Take advantage of our complimentary online Home Washing Planner to learn what services are recommended for the various exterior surfaces of your home.

Revitalize your home with professional pressure washing services from the experts at Vince’s Pressure Washing!

About Auburndale, FL

Auburndale is a city located in central Polk County, between Lakeland and Winter Haven. Currently home to over 15,000 residents, Auburndale was incorporated in 1915.

Agriculture, particularly citrus and strawberry farming, has long been the economic base. However, industry, commerce, and services now also contribute.

Housing is made up primarily of single-family homes within suburban neighborhoods. Schools are part of the highly rated Polk County district. Nearby lakes provide recreational activities.

Proximity to Tampa and Orlando offers employment while allowing residents to enjoy Auburndale’s small-town community. Healthcare and new developments continue attracting affordable growth to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your pressure washing company offer?

We offer a range of professional pressure washing services for residential and commercial properties in Auburndale, FL. Our services include pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, paver sealing, and more.

Why should I choose your pressure washing services in Auburndale?

We are a trusted pressure-washing company serving Auburndale and the surrounding areas. Our team of cleaning experts is dedicated to providing top-notch exterior cleaning services with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

What areas do you serve for pressure washing in Auburndale?

Our pressure washing company serves Auburndale, FL, and the greater Polk County area. Whether it’s residential or commercial pressure washing needs, we are here to help.

Can you handle both residential and commercial pressure washing projects?

Yes, our pressure washing company is equipped to handle pressure washing for both residential and commercial properties. From homes to business premises, we have the expertise to tackle various exterior cleaning projects.

How do I schedule a roof cleaning service for my home or business?

Scheduling a roof cleaning service is easy. Call today and our team will assist you in setting up an appointment for professional roof cleaning at your convenience.

What is the process for paver sealing with your pressure washing services?

Our expert pressure washing team provides comprehensive paver sealing services to protect and enhance the appearance of your pavers. Contact us today to discuss your paver sealing needs.

Do you offer gutter cleaning as part of your exterior cleaning services?

Yes, we specialize in gutter cleaning to ensure that your gutters are free from debris and functioning properly. Trust us for thorough and reliable gutter cleaning services.

Are your pressure washing services environmentally friendly?

Yes, in addition to traditional pressure washing, we also utilize soft washing techniques that are gentle on surfaces and environmentally friendly. We are committed to sustainable and effective cleaning solutions.

How can I get a free quote from Your Top-Rated Professional Pressure Washing Company in Auburndale, FL?

Getting a free quote is simple – give us a call today and our team will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate for the exterior cleaning services you require.

No-Obligation Quote Request

Send your information and a few details about your project & I’ll send a free no-obligation estimate to you.

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